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8 Tips for Comfortable Summer Travel | Southern Athletica

8 Tips for Comfortable Summer Travel

The 4th of July coming and going reminds me that summer won’t last forever. Watermelon and BBQs will quickly turn to football and bonfires. But it’s not over yet-It’s time to squeeze the most out of one more summer vacation. 

It’s hot, humid and sticky, so let’s talk about how to get comfortable while traveling in the heat.

Comfort doesn’t have to sacrifice style. Scratchy seams, itchy tags, awkwardly loose or tight fabric in all the wrong places can just stay home.

With a little pre-planning you can avoid the discomfort this summer. We’ve got some travel style tips to avoid the ‘ugh’ (and to keep your travel companions safe from a grumpy, itchy travel partner)

Bring extra hair ties - Even at home we tend to lose our stretchy companions. They’re around our wrist one minute, and gone into the void the next. You can never have enough hair ties when it comes to travel. Bringing a few extra will help avoid the meaningless trip and waist of time it takes to visit the convenience store. Spend that time sight seeing, without your hair in your face. 

Keep it simple- Hairspray and humidity don’t mix, and who wants to spend hours on their hair instead of having fun? A top-knot with a hair ribbon or little bowed scarf is just as cute, and way less of a headache.

Bring Sunglasses - Blinded by the light should simply be the words to an iconic song, not your autobiography this summer. We often forget to pack our sunglasses or fear packing them because we are afraid they might break. If you’re worried about losing your favorite pair, grab a couple backups and leave the fancy ones at home. You’ll be able to see, and not stress at the same time.

Pick out a comfortable pair of socks - Alright, this is going to sound weird. But there is nothing better than a pair of thin, wool ankle socks in the summer. They breathe, keep your feet and shoes from getting stinky, and are naturally anti-microbial. Walking in sneakers in the summer without fear of sweat or fungus? Now, that’s a good vacation.

Layer - Hoodies, Zip-ups, Button-Up. - Swimsuits, tank tops, sun dresses, are first on the packing list. But it’s easy to forget how stark A/C can feel when going in and out of the heat, especially while traveling. Layering your outfit can help, but just don’t forget to pack some sort of cardigan or light jacket, just in case. Airports, restaurants, your friend’s car… be prepared, not cold.

Wear Flexible Fabrics - The most uncomfortable situations start with fabrics that restrict your movement. Flexible and stretchy attire gives you the room to travel comfortably. Whether it’s running through the terminal, squeezing into the back of a car, or trying to curl up in an airport seat for a little nap: having flexibility and stretchy fabrics can make all the difference. Leave the jeans for another day.

Be ready for any weather - Even if you’ve been obsessively checking the weather at your destination for days, it’s best to be prepared for anything. Some destinations have weather changes as often as ads show on your newsfeed and it’s best to know your clothing will weather it all. Quick-dry fabrics and a rain jacket can go a long way.

Keep an extra multi-purpose outfit in your carry on - Bad things happen to good people. And when you’re traveling, that might mean misplaced luggage or exploded shampoo bottles. There is a reason they say not to keep all your eggs in the same basket. Our suggestion? Have your emergency outfit follow the same rules as your travel outfit with a balance of style and comfort.

Hydrate - while maybe you don’t consider your water bottle a normal part of styling your outfit, staying hydrated while traveling can make all the difference in how you feel on your trip. Bring a refillable water bottle! It will cut down on plastics in the ocean, save you money, and keep you glowing and feeling good. Airports allow you to re-fill water bottles once you go through security, so just bring an empty one. And if you’re driving, most coffee shops will happily re-fill them for you when you stop to caffein-ate. 

If you are looking for a great top or pair of leggings, that will work best for your summer travel, while matching your luxury style, check out Southern Athletica’s Bliss Collection. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can easily take your travel style to the next level, whether it’s 30,000 feet above or hundreds of miles away from home. 



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